Stacked & Serviced Anally Jasmine Black

Jasmine Black is a sexy cocktail server. “Can I get you anything else,” Jasmine asks her only customer Carlos. He immediately gropes her jugs, sucking her nipples while Jasmine strips. Yes, it’s that kind of restaurant where females are on the menu. Only in Europe would a restaurant like this exist.

Nude, except for stockings, she bends over to suck his dick while he sits in the chair. Jasmine lies on a table so Carlos can hump her in a missionary position. The cock man goes from her pussy into her ass. He pulls out and Jasmine takes the cock straight into her mouth. Cock now dripping with her saliva, Jasmine gets back on the table so he can fuck her bubble butt. He pulls out again for her throat, then she turns around so he can dip into her tush-hole from behind.

They repeat the double-dipping suck-cock, fuck-ass game. Beautiful. Jasmine kneels again to treat him to a tug job that makes him erupt on her pretty tits. She turns to the camera, smiling and rubbing the jizz into her chest. Yes, Jasmine knows that the cream of a man’s balls makes a girl’s tits grow.

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