A DP for Sweet, Adorable Jasmine

There’s a lot I could tell you about this scene, but before I do, I’ll tell you what happens in the scene. Then I’ll tell you what happened before the scene was shot.

The scene is from the movie Busty Riding Academy. Lord Chandler, the Master of Busty Riding Academy, wants to know what’s under Jasmine’s white cloak. She takes it off. She’s wearing very little. Her tight little body (with big, natural tits) looks great. They proceed to fuck. Eventually, the Lord’s valet enters the bedroom with his evening beverage. The Lord admonishes his valet for entering without knocking. Before long, the two of them are entering Jasmine’s mouth and DPing her pussy and asshole.

Okay, so that’s what happens during the scene. Here’s what happened before the scene, which was shot on-location in Hungary.

Day 1 in Hungary: We arrive at our estate in the countryside. It’s late-afternoon. No time for a shoot, we think…but then Jasmine shows up, and she’s looking like a little fuck bunny. So we escort her to one of the rooms we have set up and have Carlos fuck her on a pool table.

Day 2 in Hungary: We put Jasmine in a hitchiker scenario. Of course, she gets a ride. Of course, she jacks off the driver, who cums on her tits.

Later that day: Carlos, lucky guy that he is, gets to fuck Jasmine’s asshole in a picnic setting on the mansion’s grounds.

“I like anal,” Jasmine coos in that sweet, babydoll voice of hers. She pronounces anal “ah-nul.”

Day 3: Jasmine likes anal so much that she gets ass-fucked twice in one day. The first time is in the morning. She plays a subway hooker. She bounces her ass on the stud’s thick cock while they’re sitting on a dirty stairway. Later in the day, Jasmine goes down to the wine cellar and gets ass-fucked by Carlos again. I get to watch both scenes. I get the impression that for Jasmine, having anal sex on-camera is the most normal thing for a girl to do.

“You like watching me do anal?” Jasmine asks me. I can barely stammer an answer. Later, I find out that Jasmine’s walking around with a butt plug stuck in her asshole almost 24 hours a day. Almost. The other times, there’s a cock in there.

Day 4: In the afternoon, Jasmine does a three-way cat fight with Kristy Klenot and Melissa Mandlikova. Later that night-much later-the scene you’re about to see is filmed.
Now, let’s do the math. Jasmine was with us for three days. She fucked four times and gave one hand job. She got ass-fucked three times. This is impressive because most girls don’t do anal three times in their entire lives.

The next day, Jasmine is doing a rare solo shoot out back of the mansion. She has a flower in her hair. She’s spreading her asshole.

“You like my flower?” Jasmine asks.

Flower? What flower?

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