Inside Kali’s ass

The fact that Kali West gave some guy a blow job while I was sitting a foot away and didn’t offer to give me a blow job did not at all influence the way I feel about her. I appreciated the fact that this pretty girl-next-door was willing to suck some guy’s dick in my presence. I didn’t feel cuckolded because I’ve never gone out with Kali, let alone gotten married to her. So it was okay. I did not feel left out. My cock did but not the rest of me.

That scene was for the DVD SCOREtv Uncut & Uncensored. The scene you’re about to see was her first on-camera anal. Kali doing anal came as a big surprise to me because of the following conversation I’d had with her:

Me: Have you done anal?
Kali: No.
Me: Plan to?
Kali: No.

Apparently, in this case, no didn’t mean no. Well, it did to us. We didn’t ask her again. We respect a model’s right to say no. But then she called us and said, “I want to take a big dick up my tight ass.” Well, she didn’t exactly say it that way. What she said was, “I’m ready to do an anal scene.”

Yes, by the way, definitely means yes.

So here it is, Kali’s first anal. She gives the guy a lap grinder while he sits on the bed and tells him she wants a cock in her ass. He sucks and kisses her tits. She gets a loud cunt-slurping eat-out that turns her on.

“I want to taste your cock,” Kali says.

Pussy fucking and ass fucking follows.

Kali looks like a good girl. She is a good girl. She also has a naughty side. She wasn’t naughty enough to offer me a blow job that day, but I forgive her. My cock doesn’t, but I do.

Click here for the full video featuring Kali West!

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