Baby Got Black…Up Her Butt Crack

Kali West was only 20 years old when she first came to SCORELAND from sunny South Florida in 2009. Fresh-faced and busty, she was looking to add some spice to her life after suffering through the usual series of boring office and waitress jobs that plague the youth of the world and threaten to rob them of the spark that makes them so vibrant and exciting in the first place.

Well, Kali didn’t need a lot of time to add some spark to her life. On her second day here, she had sex with a total stranger on-camera, and later that day, she did it again. By the third day, she had added Porn Stud 3 and Porn Stud 4 to her resume. But there was more excitement to come. A lot more.

For example, she posed naked while pregnant.

Then she jacked off a cock while pregnant.

After having her baby, she came back to our studio and fucked again.

And here, she’s taking a big, black cock up her tight ass. Yep, an interracial cherry popper for Kali!

So here are several things I’d like to discuss with you.

1. How do you feel about pregnant big-titted models?

2. How do you feel about pregnant models having sex on-camera?

3. What’s your take on anal sex?

4. And, finally…do you like interracial scenes, either white girl with black stud or black girl with white stud. I have my own opinion on this. I think it’s hot, but I don’t know why. I don’t know why interracial sex is still a big deal in this day and age. But my cock says it is, and I always follow my cock.

Care to chime in?

Click here for the full video featuring Kali West!

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