Too Hot To Handle

“I think about sex a lot these days,” blonde, big-titted British MILF Annellise Croft said. “Watching porn, getting my nipples sucked, the list goes on. I’ve done my share of experimenting. I think my most unusual experience was a threesome with a couple in a hot tub. I love sex in hot tubs. I’m definitely an exhibitionist who absolutely loves to pose in front of a camera, but I had never done anything like this until I came here.”

Here means SCORELAND and, where friendly, bubbly Annellise has become a big star. In this scene, pointy-nippled Annellise, who’s divorced and a mom, gets ass-fucked by JMac, and that’s not exactly Intro to Anal 101. This is advanced stuff.

“I’m not as shy as I was,” Annellise said with a laugh when she was asked if seeing her videos has changed her at all. “A little more confident. I can’t say it’s changed me. I took being asked back to SCORE as a compliment and I guess all the guys enjoyed seeing me. I watched my videos alone at first. When I first watched them, I thought ‘Oh, my god! That’s me doing that!'”

Yep, that’s her taking a big cock down her throat and in her pussy and ass and then a load of cum in her mouth. Good going, Annellise!

Click here for the full video featuring Annellise Croft!

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