The Girl You Could Take Home to Mama Gets Ass-Fucked

I have a thing for Sandra Star, and when I say “I have a thing,” I don’t mean I want to date her (although I would) or marry her (that would take some careful consideration). It doesn’t even mean I want to fuck her (although I definitely would). What I’m saying is, when I have some private time, Sandra is one of the girls I most like to hang out with. There are several reasons for this:

1. Despite her smokin’ body, she comes across as the kind of girl you could bring home to meet the parents. Now, you could fuck her and then bring her home, or you could bring her home then fuck her, or you could fuck her on both ends with a visit to the parents in between, but what I’m saying is, it’s great when a girl is both the girl-next-door and a fuck doll.

2. She always looks like she’s having a great time when she’s fucking. She smiles when she’s getting fucked and I think she’d even smile when there’s a cock in her mouth but, of course, a girl can’t smile when there’a cock in her mouth. But she can smile when there’s a cock in her pussy, and Sandra does.

3. She did anal in this, her first on-camera sex scene.

Sandra is German, and she came to our attention when she entered the Miss Hot SCORE contest. She had always dreamed of being a SCORE Girl, and this was her chance. Well, Sandra won, and among her prizes was a pictorial in the magazine. And when the American SCORE staff planned a trip to Berlin a few years ago, we contacted Sandra to schedule a shoot. She was thrilled. In all honesty, I’ve never seen a girl so excited about getting ass-fucked on-camera.

But, you see, there are some things you might not have known about Sandra.

1. “I like to be looked at,” Sandra said.

2. “I love anal sex,” she added.

3. “I love cum,” she threw in. (Check out how happy she looks when the stud cums on her tits.)

4. “I’m a college student,” she concluded.

That last item you can tell the parents. The first three, they’re just for you and your jacking pleasure.

By the way, one of the great things about falling in love with Sandra is that you don’t have to take her out on a date or propose to her. You just have to jack to her.

Click here for the full video featuring Sandra Star!

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