The anal acting coach

Here we have Marvellee, a 46-year-old divorcee and mom from North Carolina. She’s an acting coach.

And there we have Milan, a young guy who has come to her for acting lessons. But what kind of acting lessons?

“So, you want to be an actor,” Marvellee says. “Let’s pretend a love scene. Do you think you can do that?’

He thinks he can. He can’t. She thinks she can teach him. She can’t. The guy’s a lost cause.

“What kind of acting did you think you wanted to do?” she finally asks.

“To be honest with you,” he says, “I’m a porn actor.”

And at this point, acting lesson turns into screen test as Marvellee, now very intrigued, finds out whether Milan is good for anything. Turns out he’s good for fucking her pussy and asshole, and that doesn’t take any acting talent at all. After all, you can fake acting but you can’t fake a hard-on.

AnalQTs: Are you a swinger?

Marvellee: I am. I started swinging in my early 20s and just never really stopped.

AnalQTs: What was your wildest swinging experience?

Marvellee: Probably my first. I ended up walking alone through a party and just poking my head in doors to look around. In one room, a girl was having sex doggy style yet still stopped to ask my name. Then she screamed my name while he fucked her and it was so hot, I had to join in.

AnalQTs: Are you a nudist?

Marvellee: No, but I’m definitely an exhibitionist.

AnalQTs: How often do you have sex?

Marvellee: Daily, multiple times.

AnalQTs: Anal sex?

Marvellee: Yes. I love it when it’s initially done slowly and builds. I really loved how Milan fucked my ass in this scene.

Click here for the full video featuring Marvellee!

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