Thank God It’s Friday

Friday was active from 2000 to 2015. SCORE filmed her in August of 2000 after she mailed us her Polaroid instant photos. She was living in Salem, Oregon.

A tiny girl with big tits and a pretty face, Friday had a huge F tattoo right over her pussy, like a porn super-heroine, which she basically was. She was also a stripper. Friday made almost 300 videos for lots of studios, mostly hardcore. We lost track of her in 2001.

By that time she had moved to Los Angeles where the porn factories were located. Friday had a lengthy run in porn, much longer than most girls. She was personable and friendly enough on-set. She wanted the porn dude in this scene to wear a cock bag so of course we complied with her wish. Later on, she took bareback cocks in every hole.

This unedited video was shot with two cameras, and even with the split screen technique, it’s over 45 minutes.

Click here for the full video featuring Friday!

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