Tanya Virago: Tanya Takes Two

Tanya Virago drops by the offices of Michael Fly and Deny Lou. They’re interviewing prospective employees for a position at their company. Several positions, in fact, including doggie and double penetration. They want only the hottest, sexiest, bustiest, best-looking employee they can hire. Getting screwed at this corporation is part of the job.

SCORELAND: Before you became a porn star, did you do double penetration in your private life?

Tanya Virago: Most likely you will be surprised by my answer, but before my porn career, there was never double penetration in my personal life.

SCORELAND: When did you first try anal sex?

Tanya Virago: At the age of about 20 years. I can admit that it wasn’t exactly what I expected. I think it was a little awkward, but I didn’t plan to stop after the first time, and now it’s my favorite type of sex.

SCORELAND: How does it feel to you compared to vaginal sex?

Tanya Virago: This type of sex excites me much more, it gives a feeling of something prohibited but very much desired by each and everyone. At the same time, vaginal sex remains the sex that everyone loves so much.

SCORELAND: Thank you, Tanya.

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