Melody takes it up the ass from her son’s teacher

What can the concerned mom do when her son’s not doing well in school?

Well, she could make him buckle down and do more homework. Study more. Maybe pay attention in class instead of always trying to look down the girls’ blouses and up their skirts. That’s probably what the average mom would do.

But Melody Mynx, a 45-year-old cougar who lives in Philadelphia, is not average. Her big tits are above average. Her body is well above average. And her sex drive…well, let’s just say it’s always in overdrive.

So, she invites Mr. Fitzwell to her house.

“I believe discipline starts at home,” the teacher says. “He just needs to apply himself a lot more.”

“Until then,” Melody says, “maybe we can come up with a different solution.”

Translation: Maybe I can suck your cock and balls. Maybe you can fuck my, tits, pussy and ass. Maybe you can cum on my ass. Would that work?”

Apparently, it would.

But was Melody really trying to help her son? Or did she just want some cock?

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