Fill Holly Halston’s Asshole

Mrs. Holly Halston will be the instructor for your human sexuality course tonight. Aren’t you glad you enrolled in adult education classes?

Look at the top she’s almost not wearing! Check out Mrs. Halston’s cleavage. You could set a lunch tray on that shelf.

She drops her bra and top to squiggle, jiggle and wiggle those huge, fuckable melons in your face. As luck would have it, she likes you and tells you to stay after the bell rings. The other students pile out while you both chill.

First, Mrs. Halston shows you what she’s made of, in every way. Her fucking tits, her fucking cunt, her fucking asshole. She’s pretty, tiny and stacked with a 36-inch bust and 32DD cups.

It’s great that she’s also teaching sex ed on the side at night. Holly’s kept you after class for one reason. A close encounter of the fifth kind. What’s that? Hands, mouth, tits, pussy and asshole. You are going to fuck her pussy and asshole right on her desk. And she’s not going to want you to spray your hot load of cum in her fudge-hole.

She wants you to pull your cock out of her asshole, put it in her mouth and shoot your man-cream on her tongue so she can swallow it down.

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