Driving Miss Silver

To some girls, “slut” is an insult. To Alexis Silver, it’s a badge of honor. She was discovered by our crew in London, England and quickly became one of the hottest, raunchiest and, yes, sluttiest porn stars in the world.

I remember one day, I was standing outside the SCORE office with Alexis. At the time, she was a smoker (she would later kick the habit, a fortuitous move because she gained weight and it all went to her tits), and she was taking a break from the day’s shoots. So she’s standing outside in her short shorts and a low-cut top, and my eyes are just about popping out of my head (because she’s one of my favorites), and I get around to asking her why she got into porn.

“Because I’m a slut,” she said in her sexy British accent (she was born in Massachusetts and moved to England when she was three). “And I’m lazy.”

“Lazy?” I said. I didn’t think I needed to question the “slut” part.

“Yeah,” she said. “Fucking is easier than working. A lot more fun, too.”

In the video version of this scene, Alexis calls herself “a lady on the street but a freak in the sheets.” She proves the latter by getting fucked in her ass before she takes it in her pussy, breaking the usual progression. But that part about “a lady on the street”? That was true, too. I mean, yeah, I once got to play with her G-cup naturals on the set of SCOREtv, and, yeah, she’s into anal sex, and she could deep-throat the biggest cocks in the world, and she loved the idea that there were hundreds of thousands of men watching her fuck. But then there was what she called her “normal” side.

“I love to cuddle,” she told me. “Porn is fantasy, and it’s an amazing fantasy to be part of because I can come to work and live out these most outrageous fantasies and then just go home and be totally normal and do laundry. Take care of my cats. Read a book. Watch TV.”

She never started her own website. She was never interested in marketing herself. She liked to fuck on-camera and then go back to being the stacked girl-next-door.

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