Double the penetration, double the fun for Sally

What does 63-year-old wife, mother and grandmother Sally D’Angelo do in her first DP scene at…besides getting DP’d, of course?

She seduces two guys whose ages, combined, don’t equal hers. Jax is 28. Kyle is 30. They’re young enough to be her sons. Jax, by the way, has a big, black cock.

She shows off her new, super-sized rack. Those tits are huge, Sally!

She sucks their cocks and balls. She especially seems to enjoy their balls. Not all women know what to do around a pair of balls, but Sally knows and gives them tender loving care.

She gets her well-shaved pussy fucked hard while sucking cock.

Of course, she gets her ass and pussy fucked at the same time.

And she opens her mouth wide for the young guys’ cum and lets a lot of it drip onto her rack.

Yes, Sally does all this and more. She never disappoints. When the scene opens, Sally is wearing a short, tight, low-cut dress and fuck-me shoes. Jax and Kyle are there to possibly rent out the place. They don’t know if they can afford it. After Sally shows them around the place and then in and out of her fuck holes, they don’t know if they can afford to not take the place.

We asked Sally to tell us one thing about her that would surprise us, and she said, “I used to be very, very shy.”

Now that’s shocking!

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