Dana Rey gets ass-fucked by her step-son

Dana Rey’s step-son is shocked when he exits the bathroom and sees his 55-year-old step-mom standing there. It’s not that he’s surprised to see her. It’s that he’s surprised to see her wearing what she’s wearing: sheer, lacy lingerie that doesn’t do much to cover her very hot body.

“Your dad’s not home and I’m so horny. I’ve wanted you for so long,” this sexy blonde says. “He won’t know.”

Well, he will know if he’s a PornMegaLoad.com subscriber, but otherwise? He doesn’t need to know that his new wife sucked his son’s cock and took it up her ass…and only up her ass! Yep, the dude’s cock goes straight from Dana’s mouth to her asshole, never stopping at Cunt Court.

When we asked Dana if she’s into anal sex, she said, “Yes, but not every time.” Well, this was one of those times when she was very much into anal sex. Although, maybe she’s saving her pussy for her husband.

Dana, who’s from Louisiana, is married in real-life and says she’s “absolutely a MILF.” She says she never had sex with a much-younger man until she came to us. Glad we could help.

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