Cherry Brady: Anal Sex on the Office Desk

Redheaded vixen Cherry Brady’s first hardcore scene takes place in an office, a fitting location since Cherry was a secretary in California when she first contacted The SCORE Group about modeling. Cherry was a Voluptuous magazine subscriber before she ever decided to model and she quickly became a superstar the day her first photos appeared in V-mag and SCORELAND.

This scene is from the DVD Voluptuous Xtra 8. After this desk sex office fling, Cherry did two more boy-girls in the DVD for which she wrote the screenplay, Ultimate Cherry. She really loves sex, especially performance-style sex involving lots of hot titty-focused sex and dressing in the kind of outfits that give men involuntary erections. Which is why it’s not a good idea to watch Cherry Brady videos on a plane or a train.

Cherry likes to watch porn herself, and solo videos of busty women masturbating and playing with their big boobs have a particular draw for her. “I like when they talk a lot, and the other day, I was watching this video with Natalie Fiore in it, and she talks so much! She has this accent! I dunno if it’s French, but she is just rubbing her tits and talk, talk, talking like, ‘Oooh ju know ju want me Babee…’ and I loved it. I was like, ‘Oh, you hot slut, you!’ I like when a girl talks a lot and interacts with the viewer.

“Every single girl, you guys at SCORE make them look beautiful, you say amazing things about them. And you guys have given tit men their own little place to come and see what they like. Guys who like big titties, naturals, fake titties. You know, all other porn, the girls look exactly the same. It’s like you can stamp them off an assembly line. You guys bring all kinds of girls, in all shapes and sizes, one’s not better than the other, and you know what? I like that. I think it’s great.”

Click here for the full video featuring Cherry Brady!

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