Boobs to the Maxi

Maxi Mounds slips off her mini-skirt and white button-down blouse. Her mega-boobs nestle securely in her white bra. The bra holds despite the weight of her breasts. She strips off to total nudity, leaving her shoes on and gives her giant tits a creamy rubdown. Next comes toy play. Using a vibrator and a butt plug, Maxi fills her pussy and ass.

A six-foot superwoman, Maxi debuted in the December 1995 issue of SCORE. But before that, Maxi (called Giggles at the time) and her partner Mini, who billed themselves as “Moving Violations,” first appeared in SCORE‘s Homebodies section in the November 1995 issue, posing on a west Florida beach. As a team, they put on shows in strip clubs around the USA and drew the crowds that made club owners happy.

In 1999, Maxi visited the same Texas doctor who gave Minka, Kayla Kleevage, Chelsea Charms, Melonie Charm, and several other bust stars their mega-boobs. In 2000, Maxi sailed on the last Boob Cruise. “I am not in competition with other big bust models. Each one of us is unique,” Maxi said. A year later, Maxi teamed with Minka, SaRenna Lee, Plenty UpTopp, Kayla Kleevage and Casey James for Mega-Boob Olympics. Released on DVD, this movie continues to make the best-seller list year after year.

Click here for the full video featuring Maxi Mounds!

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