Stacy Adams needs an extra-long sausage to stick between her boob buns and plenty of man-mayo. We like how Stacy sucks cock, delicately holding the balls with her right hand while she bobs her head front and back to fuck her mouth with the shaft. Miss Adams really goes to town on the balls, kissing, licking and sucking it hands free, mouth juice drooling down her lips as her hangers dangle.

While she’s doing all of this, Stacy is making lots of hearty, throaty blow job sounds, music to a horny dude’s ears. Now this is the kind of scene that deserves a film-making award. She has really nasty, high quality cock sucking skills and should receive the highest commendations. The same can be said for Stacy’s dick-bouncing skills. You can see the pride with which she bakes the meatloaf deep in her pink oven. She seasons her cock cooking with filthy comments. The dirty words pour out as Stacy holds her quaking tits with her hands. “Pound that pussy, fuck my pussy, gimme that fuckin’ cock.”

Stacy has no use for romance novel loving, just raw action. “Put your cock in my ass,” Stacy requests, dragging out the word assssss…. “Right there,” she says fingering her clit as his cock slowly slides into her butthole. “I just want that fat cock in my assssss….”

This is a super-hot fuck scene, all due to Stacy, her hot bod, her oral and language skills and appetite for the big O. “You’re fuckin’ that assssss…. I want you to come in my fuckin’ mouth. Oh, gimme that nut!”

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